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Delano Daily


Breakfast Briefing



Brings you the day's international news headlines at 6:45 am.

Our Breakfast Briefing is a curated collection of stories from around the world. Every weekday we collate breaking news and analysis from leading international media to provide readers with an overview and insight into what has happened in the last 24 hours. Links to the original stories allow readers to read more in-depth if they wish.

With a focus on current affairs, politics, business and finance, the Breakfast Briefing also includes relevant updates from the culture and fashion scenes, sport results summaries, and the occasional look at the quirkier side of life.

Delano Daily


Noon Briefing



Just before lunch, the Noon Briefing brings you the national news of the day. Our main newsletter, sent out at 11:45 am every weekday, features the latest stories Delano has published online. Content is focused on the grand duchy’s business, economic, finance and political news, but also explores the fields of entrepreneurship, education, research and science as well as culture, leisure and sports.

The Noon Briefing also includes interviews, analysis and opinion from influential voices in Luxembourg.

Each Tuesday, the newsletter features our handpicked suggestion of 10 Things To Do This Week.

The Delano team is also well connected to the country’s international English-speaking community and every Thursday, we publish a story or recommendation from our acclaimed annual Expat Guide.

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